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Cocoon 1.19

Safe and private browsing

Cocoon is an add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer that aims to make your time online as safe as possible.As far as privacy apps go, Cocoon is very, very discreet. Once it is enabled, all you will see is an attractive blue toolbar that doesn’t...
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  • by Anonymous

    COCOON - real user review. Like, like, like. At first I misunderstood this program, and thought it was another search engine purporting to be private .. alas, when I deleted all of my other "privacy" FireFox ad-ons, mostly to get rid of redundancies ... poof, I got it - this is something of which, well, is like a cocoon. You create an account, later log-into account (1.5 nano sec More

  • by Anonymous

    great idea! . been using it for a little while and starting to like it more and more. the anonymous email is awesome and should be standard with all email programs. Pros: Anonymous email, ip, and increased internet speeds with most site surfing! Cons: should be a stand alone browser.

  • by Anonymous

    Thanks for checking out Cocoon! . Hello, Your comments are greatly appreciated. As a relatively small startup we value any and all feedback. Can you tell us what issues you had uninstalling? We would very much like to fix this. As for changing your start page and search pages, those are all able to be set within the preferences of Cocoon. Our goal is to protect your privacy and improve your brow More