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"COCOON - real user review"

Like, like, like. At first I misunderstood this program, and thought it was another search engine purporting to be private .. alas, when I deleted all of my other "privacy" FireFox ad-ons, mostly to get rid of redundancies ... poof, I got it - this is something of which, well, is like a cocoon. You create an account, later log-into account (1.5 nano seconds later) and, you, the user, are now enveloped in a blanket, yes again, ($$$#1#$$$), of protection. Okay, I am testing this, through a layman's efforts; running CCleaner after using it, to see what CC records as on my computer - of course I do a system cache dump, too - it seems that some cache gets through, not much, but some ... the numbers are consistant, however, leading me to believe that it's from ($$$#1#$$$). But, I am not sure.

  • After I psychologically wrapped my brain arounds it easy to understand concept, I am not using this, and only this, for internet protection.
  • No Cache preferences; I prefer for Cocoon to not remember anything; what's the point, I hate history, and "junk." Alas, I am searching for cache options. Cannot find. So far, so good. Have yet to use mailslots, but will soon.

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08 Apr 2012

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