Cocoon 1.19

Safe and private browsing


  • Discreet
  • Seems very effective
  • Create temporary email addresses
  • Makes use of Private Browsing


  • Hijacks start page, search engines, etc.
  • Can cause problems after uninstalling


Cocoon is an add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer that aims to make your time online as safe as possible.

As far as privacy apps go, Cocoon is very, very discreet. Once it is enabled, all you will see is an attractive blue toolbar that doesn’t even look like one. You’ll need a free Cocoon account to use the service. Once you have a username and password, sign into Cocoon and begin to browse. According to the developers, Cocoon will establish “a secure encrypted connection to the Internet”, so that nobody can see who you are or what you are doing.

It’s pretty hard to gauge the accuracy of this claim on a casual basis, but from our testing, it seemed promising. We could access geographically restricted websites, meaning our location was hidden, and we couldn’t log into websites without re-entering our log-in information, meaning we were cookie-free. Cocoon also claims to protect you from viruses and malware you might pick up online.

Cocoon doesn’t stop there. It also allows you to create a throw-away email address – Mailslots – that allow you risk-free sign-ups when a website or service absolutely demands your details. It also has its own history feature and a cookie eraser. All your information is stored “in the cloud”, so whatever you do in Cocoon (bookmarks, notes, etc.), it is also available from wherever you log in.

Bear in mind, however, that using Cocoon does effect lots of settings in Firefox, even after it has been uninstalled. Although the add-on was very useful while we were using it, we had a hard time getting everything back to normal once we were done.

Cocoon is a user-friendly and discreet app that will keep you as safe and private as possible when working online.

Cocoon keeps you private, secure & anonymous anywhere you browse online.

Cocoon is an all-in-one Firefox browser plugin that makes everything you do online private, secure and virus-free. Features: Truly anonymous browsing Anti-virus protection Cookies stored off your computer Secure connection on public wifi Privacy on shared computers Encrypted browsing history Anonymous email creation Blocks drive-by malware attacks History access on multiple devices Secure webmail access Free account must be created and activated at to use the Cocoon service.

There are other products that give you privacy OR security features, not both. Cocoon wraps up all the features into one simple browser toolbar for complete online privacy and security protection.

This product is meant for anyone who is concerned about their online privacy and security, be it online tracking, virus protection, secure shopping, identity theft, spam blocking or wifi security.



Cocoon 1.19

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